Our Collaborations

Moulmein-Cairnhill: 1-1 Zoom Tutoring

SmartGuppy and Moulmein-Cairnhill Grassroots Organisations are collaborating to provide as much academic help to students in the Moulmein-Cairnhill area by connecting them to passionate and dedicated volunteer tutors. Students may sign up for 1-1 tutoring here.

We hope that in return, you can help pay-it-forward by sharing your school notes on SmartGuppy here so that other students can benefit as well!

TeachMeSG: Primary School Video Lessons

SmartGuppy is proud to collaborate with TMSG, started by Jermaine, one of our very own volunteers, as we share the same vision of educational equality and access to greater opportunities for all students.

A Youtube channel, “TeachMeSG” uploads educational videos recorded by volunteer teachers that cover the primary school syllabus.

A passionate believer and advocate of open education and sharing, Jermaine envisions TMSG to be a free, permanent, and comprehensive repository of video lessons for entire syllabuses of academic subjects at the primary school level.

If you would like to contribute to TeachMeSG, whether through providing video content for your subject of expertise, or through other means such as video editing or publicity (and the list goes on, just let us know how you’d like to help!), sign up here!

Consultation Corner - Pro Bono Academic assistance for IB students

SmartGuppy is proud to collaborate with Consultation Corner, started by a batch of recent IB graduates!

They offer free, personalised mentorship between IB graduates and current IB students, without any requirements for admission or strings attached! Should you be in need of assistance beyond the general use of our resources - for instance, receiving feedback or advice on a EE/IA/TOK essay- do fill up Consultation Corner's mentee contact form , and their team will do their best to connect you with an available graduate.

If you're a past IB student interested to join Consultation Corner as a mentor, you may also reach out to them here.

Project #EN-Courage: Sweet Messages of Support

Project #EN-courage means N number of people coming together to encourage students to be courageous while the E represents the utilisation of various electronic devices to reach out to one another. Through Project #EN-courage, we want to reach out to students and encourage them as they complete their national examinations in this exceptionally challenging year. We aim to tap on the collective power of the community to leave messages of encouragement for one another.

We understand that taking the national examinations can be a stressful event. Given the current circumstances, we are also expected to accommodate and adapt to the often sudden changes present in our life on top of fulfilling our roles as students. Even though changes are made to the examination syllabus, some students have expressed anxiety and uncertainty. Hence, we started EN-courage. We hope that these messages of support can help to lighten up any student's day and let them know that there are people supporting them on this journey.

You can play your part to inspire by dropping off a message of encouragement in our email.

Also, if you are interested to get these messages for your students, you can reach us at projectencourage2020@gmail.com!