Open Education Advocacy Programme (OPA Programme)

Our Advocates push the ethos of Open Education forward, by sharing both their academic resources and their knowledge of our cause with the student community in Singapore. Whether it be exam papers or just a hand-written single topic summary, these committed Advocates contribute educational content regularly to keep up the spirit of sharing to help everyone at SmartGuppy! They also have the important role of spreading the cause of SmartGuppy and encouraging the idea of sharing. Their volunteer efforts are recognised via our cool profiles about them on our website, being featured on our Instagram SmartGuppy Sharers posts, VIA, first invites to SmartGuppy events, and the eternal appreciation of SmartGuppy's whole community! Join our team of dedicated Advocates!


LeVeL UP Dance! (Life Values Learning and Understanding Programme)

Can’t dance? Don’t fret!
LeVeL UP is our dance programme endorsed by the National Youth Council(NYC) and supported by the National Volunteer and Philantropy Centre(NVPC). It is taught by experienced volunteer dancers, of which some of the dance mentors are actually graduates of this programme!
This is unlike your usual dance program.
By using the power of dance, we hope to inculcate various important life values to our participants, such as Courage, Self-Belief, Empathy and Honesty. Through this, we hope that participants will benefit in other aspects as well, both in their daily lives as well as in their academic journeys.

Let’s dance!


Eunos CC SmartGuppy
Free Tuition Programme

Nestled in a cosy classroom in a community centre, we provide free tuition to students across all educational backgrounds on a weekly basis.
Besides studying hard, we also play hard!

Every month, we have bubble tea sessions. On top of that, outings, movies, and pizza parties are held during the holidays for our students to have fun. Any primary or secondary school students facing difficulties with their school work are welcome to attend. We do not impose any criteria or fees to join.

Our classes are held every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at Eunos Community Club.


National Day Food Tour
SmartGuppy x Eunos CC

In August, we held a food tour in conjunction with Eunos Community Centre in order to celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday. We brought a total of 45 participants, comprising of youths and their families to popular hawker centres in Toa Payoh.

In line with our values of open education, not only did we enlighten participants on the history of our local food and view it in a new light, but we also spread awareness of our mission in making education accessible to every student regardless of their background.

We also had the opportunity to bond the community in a fun, SmartGuppy way!

Everyone was given a SmartGuppy Tour de Food tote bag with reusable utensils, food and biscuit zines, and a food tour map inside before embarking to our first destination.

With food pitstops at Lorong 1, Lorong 5, and finally ending at Gourmet Paradise at HDB Hub, participants tasted many of our local foods from Hokkien fried prawn mee, to dim sum, to murtabak and many more. 

The tour ended off with a traditional biscuit ceremony with each participant receiving a goodie bag of snacks from the past! Everyone had the opportunity to eat and explore the huge assortment of traditional snacks that we brought in, such as jewels, spice cookies, almond cookies, fish biscuits and much more!

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