Have some burning questions? Here are some common questions we get asked!

1. How does this work?
We are an open sharing platform where all users are not just able to download but are strongly encouraged to share and upload free resources as well. This enables a continuous and ever-growing database of good resources

2. Is it possible to share hard copies of my notes?
Yes, you can download the Adobe Scan mobile app which enables you to snap pages of your notes and automatically combines them into a single PDF document.

3. What are followers for?
Every follower of yours will be updated of your latest shared resource! What's more, for every follower, you earn one point!

4. Do I get any points when I donate to SmartGuppy?
Yes! Definitely! For every donation of just $10, you will receive 10 points!

5. Are points transferable?
No. They are yours and yours only!

If there are any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to reach us here.