History Paper 2 Notes (HL/SL)


This is a compilation of mind maps I used to study for History Paper 2. This is by no means a comprehensive selection of details, but I feel the range of case studies and examples are sufficient to tackle any possible questions that may be tested. Each page shows possible examples and details for a certain topic and case study from a country, as seen in the IB syllabus. The broad topics explored are Emergence, Development, and Impact/Policies.

Topics explored are Topic 9 (Evolution and development of democratic states) and Topic 10 (Authoritarian state). The case studies are Weimar Germany and post-war Japan for Topic 9, as well as Nazi Germany and China under Mao's rule for Topic 10.

History Paper 2 Notes (HL/SL)
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Natalie Lem
Natalie Lem

I went through the IB and its struggles, and would like to share some thoughts and notes about it. Also, I sincerely apologize for the atrocious quality of my handwriting in my essays.


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