Differentiation and Integration Notes


Summary of all the basics you have to know for differentiation and integration.

Differentiation: Chain rule, Product rule, Quotient rule, equation of tangent

Integration: normal way, integration by parts

Note: there might be some tricky questions for integration by parts:
~ sometimes have to take the part that you differentiate to be "1" (e.g. integrating lnx),
~ there are some questions where you have to integrate by parts a few times (e.g. integrate sin(x)x^2),
~ there are also some questions where you have to integrate by parts a few times until you get back the same function, then have to rearrange stuff to get your answer (e.g. integrate sin(x)e^x)

I listed out most of the standard elementary functions they will ask you to differentiate/integrate, e.g. x^n, 2^n, e^f(x), lnx, trigo functions, inverse trigo functions (can just refer to MF26 for these).

Did not cover application questions though. I think for that it is more about just practicing and doing it (the kind of questions which involves rate of water and volume, or velocity etc.)

If you know all the standard functions and how to solve application questions, I think you're mostly ok already. All the best man.

Differentiation and Integration Notes
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  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Mathematics (H1, H2, H3)A LevelsH1H2JC 1JC 2JC 3
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