Air Summary (N & O Level combined science chem)


This is a 1-page summary of the essential content for the Air chapter in N and O Level Combined Science (Chemistry). I last updated this in 2017.

Air Summary (N & O Level combined science chem)
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • ChemistrySecondary 4Secondary 5N LevelsO Levels
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Yvonne Goh
Yvonne Goh

Tutoring experience: 1) Volunteer tutor for 3 years in upper sec Chemistry, A Math and E Math. || 2) Tuition centre tutor for 5 months in Combined Science (Chemistry) || Relief-teaching experience: 4 months in sec 3 (express) A Math and E Math || Currently, I'm not looking for new students, but I'm willing to answer A Math/E Math/Chemistry questions!


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