O Level Chemistry


Hey guys, just a disclaimer, although the title states "O Level Chemistry", this is only my Sec 3 notes since I'm currently Sec 4 this year... so yes, it's incomplete O Level Notes. Also, even though my notes for these chapters are 76 pages long (in google docs, microsoft words is 70 pages bc format different), i included quite commonly tested questions as well as questions that i didn't know how to answer. Every pointer (not in tables) means that the point is either 1 mark or 1/2 mark. For the tables, the pointers are just description points and does not serve as an indication of the marks oops... Anyways, I hope everyone can take your time to read my notes on CHEM and feel free to edit it because I've saved it in a microsoft docs (can save to google docs too but they're comments there e.g. "look" which means the answers i'm not very confident in :/) form :) All the best!!

  • red: important notes
  • blue: model answers from teachers
  • green: definitions
O Level Chemistry
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  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • ChemistrySecondary 3Secondary 4
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Yaw Joey
Yaw Joey

Hey there, i’ll be uploading useful notes/materials and i hope everyone will like my notes! If there’s any problem with my notes OR if there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to contact me! All the best!


    • bbbee

      very comprehensive !!

    • grace

      awesome notes! I love chemistry.

    • Loke Shen Fai

      Nice notes! I really like your colour fonts!! :)

      Loke Shen Fai

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