RGS Y3 Geog - Hazards and Disasters


Y3 Geog - Hazards and Disasters notes

(notes by Mei Fei Fei)

This is a set of notes that were compiled for the end-of-year exams for geography! Hence it is very long, but fret not -- actually consists of 3-ish topics (Climate change, Natural hazards, and Human hazards). Just a disclaimer in case you try to cram this entire set of notes into your head: don't! Try to summarise because there's a lot of extra reading and fun-facts inside this set of notes that aren't extremely necessary. Thank you to my senior who was willing to share her notes :)

Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Climate change 3. Global warming 4. Trends 5. Greenhouse effect VS Enhanced greenhouse effect 6. Anthropogenic causes 7. Natural causes 8. Consequences and implications 9. Climate change conferences 10. Kyoto Protocol (1997) 11. Bali action plan and Bali roadmap (2007) 12. EU Burden-sharing agreement (1998) 13. Joint Implementation 14. Twenty-twenty-twenty 15. Responses 16. SG: National strategies in Singapore by NCCS 17. Natural hazards and disasters 18. Vulnerability and factors that affect vulnerability of countries 19. Risk, vulnerability and capacity 20. Hazard perception 21. Categories 22. Type / geophysical processes 23. Cause 24. Magnitude and frequency 25. Duration of impact and warning time 26. Spatial distribution 27. Distribution and occurence of natural hazards 28. Causes and effects 29. Hurricanes / cyclones 30. Hazard prediction 31. Impacts of tropical cyclones 32. Effects and impacts of natural hazards on affected areas 33. Management strategies of natural hazards 34. Glossary

note: helpful tables inside that compiles info quite nicely

RGS Y3 Geog - Hazards and Disasters
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