2017 O-level Pure Lit handwritten notes 2


Similar to my other uploaded handwritten "Cry the Beloved Country Notes" previously, this is also based on an outdated O-level lit local play: "Jean Tay Everything by the Brain".

Like before - Legend:

  • Stars: Important & to include in essay when the chance arises
  • Circle: Characters
  • Orange: Evidence

I've also included an essay on whether the title reflects the play as a whole. It may seem rare but it's still possible que on the text's title may be tested. It happened for my As which I didn't really expect. However it's good too; who knows you can include it as a further evaluation of your essay.

Hope you find these notes things helpful.

2017 O-level Pure Lit handwritten notes 2
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Literature in EnglishO LevelsSecondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5N Levels
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Graduated from MI in 2020. Pursuing Industrial Design at NUS from 2021-2025. Will be uploading resources ranging from - H1 Math notes - H2 Literature, H2 Art & H2 History - Some of my O-level Literature resources - Some tips for getting through certain subjects for A-levels. My notes hope to strive in demonstrating the 'HOW' aspect instead of always reinforcing & repeating the 'WHAT' which I feel most students may be struggling with. I hope to make education relatable & personalized.


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