O-level Pure Lit "Expert Vocabulary"


So, this was one of my secret recipes to seeing the improvement of grades the moment I applied any of those phrases.

In here thus contains 4 different strategies for elaboration in a literary essay.

Trust me markers will like it when one includes their personal voice (with the help of these 'guiding phrases' in here).

My Lit teacher named it as "Expert Vocab" in referring to the ways in which one can improve & enhance their literary writing style & analysis by starting out with incorporating few of these starting phrases in your essays.

O-level Pure Lit "Expert Vocabulary"
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Literature in EnglishO LevelsSecondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
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My notes hope to strive in demonstrating the 'HOW' aspect instead of always reinforcing & repeating the 'WHAT' which I feel most students may be struggling with. I hope to make education relatable & personalized.


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