Lang Lit Paper 1 Writing Skills


Paper 1 may initially seem very daunting, it being an unseen paper. However, I have come to realise that organization is the key to succeeding in this paper. When writing a paper 1 analysis, students should focus on the following components : Purpose, Audience, Mood/Tone, Stylistic Devices and Structure. By focusing on each component, when reading the text, we immediately focus in on the above mentioned characteristics. Organising the essay into paragraphs which correspond to each of the above components makes your essay easier to read and ensures that you cover all the important aspects for analysis. Each of the paragraphs can be further broken down into the common PEEL structure to fully develop your points. A good analysis should include an introduction(where you briefly mention all of your following points), purpose, audience, tone, devices, conclusion. (structure can be optional if time permits). The body components can be swapped for one another based on how evident they are in the text as different articles will vary in style. Eg. in an interview text type, structure would be key in analysing. However, in a novel the structure may not be as obvious. ( - useful link for different types of structure.

Lang Lit Paper 1 Writing Skills
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Nila Ravindran

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