Math IA on Sequences and Logarithms


Many tend to do topics such as correlation which can be slightly tedious for Math IA's since sufficient data would have to be collated. I would suggest doing simpler topics like arithmetic/geometric sequences and merge a few other topics like logarithms so that the IA seems more holistic. Hope my IA provides a good outline in terms of organization of ideas:)

This IA scored 20/20

Math IA on Sequences and Logarithms
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Mathematics (SL, HL)IB SL
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Nila Ravindran
Nila Ravindran

I graduated from the IB programme in 2019 and being fortunate enough to receive amazing support from some of my teachers, I managed to obtain 44 points. I would like to do my part in paying it forward by helping as many other IB students as I can :) Join the telegram chat below for more IB help!


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