RGS Y3 Geog - compiled


RGS Y3 Geog - compiled: Hazards and Disasters, Global warming, Settlements

This set of notes consists of 3 units, as mentioned above. The notes were compiled for the End-of-Years, so it only includes the units that were tested. Has helpful case studies and summaries that are extremely conscise! Has all the information required for the exams + helpful answering tips at the bottom.

Content: 1. Climate change (causes + effects) 2. Hazards and disasters (case studies, causes, effects, definition) 3. Settlements (case studies, definitions, factors, immigration)

** note that the notes might not be arranged in chronological order, so some pieces of information might just be floating around. sorry about that!

--> credits to my y3 geog class for helping to compile the notes for our eoys

RGS Y3 Geog - compiled
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • GeographyN LevelsO LevelsSecondary 2Secondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
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