marianne's Resources

  • year 3 chemistry


    this is based on the rgs year 3 syllabus! units include: - chemical bonding and structure - atomic structure - periodic table - salts and…

    IntermediateEnglish153ChemistrySecondary 3
  • y3 math cheatsheet!


    a quick cheatshet based on the year 3 rgs syllabus!

    IntermediateEnglish185Mathematics Syllabus ASecondary 3
  • year 3 history: china and germany


    based on the rgs year 3 syllabus: mao's china and hitler's (nazis') germany. hope this helps :-)

    IntermediateEnglish90HistorySecondary 3
  • year 3 physics


    based on the rgs year 3 syllabus, content includes kinematics, dynamics, energy work power, turning effects, waves, and light. hope this…

    EasyEnglish96PhysicsSecondary 3
  • year 3 biology


    based on the year 3 rgs syllabus: 1. cells and homeostasis: a. cell structures and functions b. transport across membranes c. blood glucose…

    IntermediateEnglish109BiologySecondary 3
  • Y2 Geography Notes


    Population studies: * reasons for certain trends * case studies that you can use for exam prep * clearer logic flow for conceptual…

    IntermediateEnglish174GeographySecondary 2
  • Y1 Higher Chinese Notes


    These notes helped me for my Y1 exams, but they still helped me for Y2 and Y3! So I'll put it for all three levels because the 作用s for the…

    IntermediateChinese342Higher ChineseSecondary 1Secondary 3Secondary 2Secondary 4
  • Y1 Geography Notes


    Here are the consolidation notes I made in Year 1 for Geography and they are pretty condensed! Helped me for my EYAs so hope they help you…

    EasyEnglish195GeographySecondary 1
  • Y1 History Notes


    Here are notes on Colonial Singapore! There are random scribbles of faces and anime references here and there so please ignore that :D All…

    EasyEnglish333HistorySecondary 1
  • Y2 Physics Notes


    revision notes on force, work done, and energy. ignore the "IDEK LOL", my notes are usually more casual and that section is essentially…

    IntermediateEnglish252PhysicsSecondary 2