Emily Tan's Resources

  • rgs y2 history (1945-1956 singapore)


    topics included: * context of ideas (return of the british, post-war singapore, anticolonialism, nationalism, strikes)

    HardEnglish302HistorySecondary 2O Levels
  • RGS Y2 History(1959-1969 singapore)


    topics included: - contest of ideas (elections) - realisation of a nation (merger and separation)

    IntermediateEnglish250HistorySecondary 2O Levels
  • rgs y2 geog notes


    topics included: - population studies - plate tectonics - earthquakes

    IntermediateEnglish164GeographySecondary 2O Levels
  • PSLE Science Keywords


    here's a set of notes i made in 2017 when i was p6! it's a list of key words/phrases for each of the topics that were tested

    IntermediateEnglish337SciencePrimary 5Primary 6PSLE