H2 Lit P1+P3 compiled summary before A-levels


This set of 10-paged notes is rather detailed ranging from notes regarding: (This is also coming from a person who has time management issues so these tips somehow have worked for me)

  • How to tackle/approach the various types of unseen
  • Being aware of the different que types for both P1+P3 (also in its basic form) on top of that, the other variations.
  • What's the basic essay structure for the different que types.
  • Criterias for an acceptable TS (instead of being example-driven) ...

As for planning within the 3h (Applies only for P1+P3)

  • Since there's 3 sections each, you can make use of 30min once you get the paper, spend 10min each for each section to just do a rough planning.
  • You'll then left around 45-50min for wach section to write your essays. (By then you should already have your rough plannings) (or another alternative)
  • Each section, plan for 10-15min each then start writing in one go. Do the same for the other sections.

Hopefully this would be helpful for those who need it or would like to have an understanding of the demands of H2 P1+P3 Literature.

H2 Lit P1+P3 compiled summary before A-levels
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Literature in English (H1, H2, H3)H2JC 1JC 2JC 3A Levels
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My notes hope to strive in demonstrating the 'HOW' aspect instead of always reinforcing & repeating the 'WHAT' which I feel most students may be struggling with. I hope to make education relatable & personalized.


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