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  • O-Level Physics Formula, Definitions List


    A very comprehensive guide to o level physics definitions and formulas. Cheat sheet!

    EasyEnglish204PhysicsO LevelsN LevelsSecondary 2Secondary 1Secondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
  • O Level/IP physics -pressure notes


    These are my pressure notes from class so far!

    EasyEnglish49PhysicsO LevelsSecondary 2Secondary 4N LevelsSecondary 1Secondary 5Secondary 3
  • RGS Y3 Geog - compiled


    **RGS Y3 Geog - compiled: Hazards and Disasters, Global warming, Settlements** This set of notes consists of 3 units, as mentioned above.…

    IntermediateEnglish115GeographyN LevelsO LevelsSecondary 2Secondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
  • RGS Y3 Geog - Settlement Studies


    **RGS Y3 Geog - Settlement Studies ** notes by: Mei Fei Fei (my senior who was willing to share her notes!) This set of notes covers…

    IntermediateEnglish64GeographyN LevelsO LevelsSecondary 1Secondary 2Secondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
  • RGS Y3 Geog - Hazards and Disasters


    **Y3 Geog - Hazards and Disasters notes ** (notes by Mei Fei Fei) This is a set of notes that were compiled for the end-of-year exams for…

    IntermediateEnglish42GeographySecondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5O LevelsN LevelsSecondary 2
  • RGS Y3 Geog - Coastal Systems


    This set of notes literally got me through exams and will help you gain some insights into this unit of coastal systems :) Thorough and…

    IntermediateEnglish55GeographySecondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
  • RGS Y3 Geog - Rock cycle and Denudation


    Y3 Geography -- Rock Cycle and Denudation This set of notes helped me score well for this topic. Very comprehensive!! (notes done by Mei…

    IntermediateEnglish23GeographySecondary 3Secondary 4Secondary 5
  • RGS Y3 Chemistry - Acids and Bases


    Y3 RGS Chemistry Notes (Acids and Bases only) Contents: 1. Acids and Bases. a. Acids (definitions and examples) b. Bases c. Strength,…

    EasyEnglish147ChemistrySecondary 3Secondary 4
  • RGS Y3/SEC3 Physics - Kinematics notes (PDF)


    scan of Y3 physics kinematics notes. the notes are just a brief summary of the topic and further reading is definitely…

    EasyEnglish60PhysicsSecondary 3